aylesbury escape, escaPE if you dare & HEMEL Escape

Haunted House (Up to 6 players)


 Bishops Stortford & Aylesbury 

Long ago a family disappeared in mysterious & violent circumstances.  You have stumbled into the house to escape the rain but you are now locked in and the family are coming back to seek revenge.  

Nuclear Countdown (Up to 8 players)


Aylesbury Escape Rooms Only    

A freak electrical storm has struck an old abandoned nuclear laboratory and has activated an old nuclear countdown computer. You have an hour to find the disarm codes before World War III.

Damburst (from 7 to 18 players)


Bishops Stortford & Aylesbury 

You have been arrested by the Rebel Army, chained to the wall & locked in an underground city.  In one hour the Dam will be destroyed and the city flooded.  You need to work together to escape - time is fast running out.

Governor's Prison (Up to 8 People)


Bishops Stortford Only

 The Prison Governor, on the run, has developed a biological toxin that is locked in his office ready to release to deadly effect in just 1 hour.  You must enter the old storeroom, break into his office & find the toxin before hell breaks loose ...

Invaders House (Up to 8 players)


Hemel Escape Rooms Only (from 6th December 2019)

The city is under siege & fighting is all around.  The only way out is through the old abandoned house. You must enter blindfolded to keep the access secret & then find the way out before invaders strike.

Mission: Spy Catcher (Up to 8 players)


Aylesbury Only - Apr to Sept


You have a rucsac.  And a key.  And 60 minutes to explore outside, find the clues, unlock locks and return with the code to access the safe - all before the Spy Catcher finds you.  You can even pause the game and have a tasty picnic half way around! 

Arctic Survival Escape (Up to 8 people)


Aylesbury & Hemel Hempstead (Hemel 6th December 2019)

You are lost in winter wastelands and have stumbled across an old abandoned stone house. Your only hope is to find and repair a communicator to call for help - you only have an hour to survive

Prison Van Escape (Up to 8 people)


Hemel Hempstead (launching December 19)

You have been arrested, charged and convicted of a crime you didn't commit. The van has broken down in the middle of nowhere and the guard has gone to get help. This is your last opportunity for freedom.

Virtual Reality Escape (Up to 6 people)



(Virtual Reality Team game)

Our newest escape room challenge. Trapped inside an old gold mine, you have to get the lift working to escape as oxygen is running low. But the legend of long dead miners is not to be taken lightly-watch out!

Junior Escape Rooms

Aylesbury & Bishops Stortford & Hemel Hempstead (6th December)

A hands on, fun escape room experience for our younger guests - aged 6 to 9.  Help Professor Puzzler protect her secrets from Doctor Dangerous in Aylesbury.  Or Save the Funfair from closing down for good in Hemel Hempstead and Bishops Stortford.  Great fun!! 




What are the prices?

2 players -   £20.00 per person

3 players -   £19.00 per person

4 players -   £18.00 per person

5 players -   £17.00 per person

6 players -   £16.00 per person

7 players -   £15.00 per person

7+ players - £15.00 per person

(Spy Catcher - £15.00 per person)

Will we share a room?

No. You book the room no matter how many of you there are.

When do we need to arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your experience.  This will ensure that we can get you started on time.

Will people jump out on us?

None of our rooms have live people jumping out - our customers have been clear that they prefer this not to happen.

What happens if we don't escape in the time?

We deliberately leave a reasonable gap between rooms that allows us to give you a little more time if you want it.  We want our customers to leave happy and will always try and help where we can.

Can we have refreshments while we are there?

Yes - we have a cafe at both our sites serving food and drinks


We have been very encouraged by the feedback we have received so far - here are just a few of the comments we have had in the last few weeks:

"Great fun - challenging"

"That wasn't easy but we did it - that was one of the best rooms we have done"

"We beat our colleagues - that was so great - thanks for making our day!"

"Can't believe we missed that last clue - so close! Awesome - thanks"

"Done it - have completed all three of your rooms - enjoyed everyone"

"We didn't have a clue - but enjoyed it. Not sure our family are talking though!"

"Excellent - your staff were great and helped us.  probably a bit too much!"

"We came out sweating - I couldn't believe there could be that level of tension!"