Battle it out with up-to 15 people in our abandoned city. Blast away to your heart’s content. But there are many obstacles, nooks and crannies that make the challenge a little harder.  The Nerf® Arena is designed as a ruined city, and you are armed with only a Nerf® gun.

Each player will be given a pair of goggles and a Nerf® gun. They have access to unlimited bullets, all held in refilling stations within the arena.

All players will be briefed before the first game of any session to ensure everyone has a great time. 

30 min £6 per person

60 mins £12 per person


Can I play?

You must be between 6 and 106 to play this game. Oh ok, 107 then.


Safety is very important. The goggles provided or glasses must be worn at all times when in the arena.  

When should I arrive?

You should arrive around 10 minutes before the start of your game. so we can start you on time. We will try and accommodate late arrivals but it may not always be possible

Can I play with my parents?

Yes! In fact family rivalry is a great reason for having a battle – and for once, biggest is NOT best.  

Can I bring my own gun?

Normally no.  However, we are trialling free-For-All sessions where you can do exactly that.  However, no automatic or high-powered guns please.