Join us and take part in our newest activity.

Professor Puzzler’s Underground Laboratory has many puzzles and clues to find before the chest of secrets can be unlocked.  Children from 7 to 11 can take part, with puzzles suitable for all.  Sessions last for 30 minutes in the purpose built activity room, providing hands on challenges to solve Professor Puzzler’s secrets.  Whether as a stand-alone activity for between 2 or 6 children or a party, combined with our other activities, our new junior escape room is sure to delight. Just £11.00 for a full half hour of puzzles!

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    Between 2 and 6 children enter the laboratory in search of Professor Puzzlers secrets. To find them they will need to solve puzzles and take part in entertaining activities. Success will mean they can find the secrets to set Professor Puzzler free. The activity will be managed by a VIRE staff member to ensure the children enjoy the activity as much as possible.

  • There must be at least 2 people aged between 7 -11 years old to come into the secret laboratory. Up to 6 people can enter the laboratory at any one time.

    The games aren\'t scary but the tension high as the clock counts down. Speak to a member of staff for clarification.

  • How much does it cost?

    From £11.00 per 30 minute session per child

    When should I arrive?

    You should be booked in 15 minutes before the start of a game so we can brief the children before their slot starts.(or 35 minutes if a Drop & Dine package is selected)

    Will I need to take part with my child?

    A member of staff will run the session. You will be able to observe but you can sit with a cup of coffee while the children are fully engaged.

    Can I have a longer session than 30 minutes?

    This activity is available in 30 minute sessions but you can organise another activity, such as Nerf® or Virtual Reality to run alongside the junior escape room.

    Will an 11 year old want to do the same puzzles as a 7 year old?

    We have a range of puzzles and can make them easier or harder depending on the audience. Once we have the booking, we will set the room up to cater for the appropriate age group.