Thrilling experience

Don your headset. Choose the game you want to play. And enter the world of virtual reality. For an experience unlike any other, we give you free rein on our top-of-the-range virtual reality glasses and gaming hardware.

Choose from a range of games during your booked period. Try one, a few or all of them – the power is in your hands. Whether it be shooting robots, playing paintball; on a serious rollercoaster or even trying various jobs, we have games for all. We also some fantastic spooky games for Halloween! Be warned!

Can I play?

Our guidance is for 7 years old to 107 years old. 

Games played will be appropriate for the age of the player.  

 When should I arrive?

We advise you arrive 10 minutes before the time of your booking.

We have two VR options

Team VR

One of the best aspects of virtual reality is sharing the experience with friends,  Enjoy an experience with up-to  6 of your friends in our seated Team VR area. Book your space to enjoy this new and exciting activity, and get ready for an amazing virtual world ready to be explored.

30 mins £11 per person

60 mins £20 per person

Room Scale VR

 Welcome to Room Scale VR,  a Virtual Reality system where you can stand and move. Amazing experiences bought to life through our top of the range equipment, exciting games and experiences. Strap on your hedset and let the games commence.

30 mins £11 per person

60 mins £20 per person